The NOW 2022 poster theme: Sailing to New Lands 

The structure of the NOW Workshop includes five sessions, with plenary and parallel talks on several topics of current interest in neutrino and astroparticle physics:

     I      Oscillation parameters: Present
     II     Oscillations parameters: Future
     III    Multimessenger astrophysics
     IV    Neutrino masses, states and interactions
     V     Particle physics in the Cosmos

In the NOW 2022 poster, these sessions are shown as flags fluttering from the masts and the bowsprit of a large vessel with the wind in its sails. The vessel represents the NOW ​Workshop series, that has taken place since the year 2000 along the Apulian coasts (from Otranto to Ostuni), and has witnessed many fascinating journeys across neutrino and astroparticle physics. The lands barely visible on the horizon, and an undefined direction of the compass rose, remind us that new physics awaits discovery in these fields.

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